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Better Boy

I went with my father to see ‘Better Boy’  by Jack Foster of Kabosh Theatre on the new Belfast barge apart from the perfect setting on water the play was a fascinating portrayal of  the characters of my Uncles Willie Pirrie who did the monologue and his nephew Uncle Tommie. 

It captured the period as well as all the characters of the great story right back to his grandfather Captain William Pirrie who dredged Belfast Lough in 1849 effectively laying the way for the greatest shipyard in the world.  The acting was superb the accent slightly contrived at the beginning but it just got better and better as the intensity of the story unravelled.  I hope I am not biased as obviously they are my relations and I know all the nuances which were exposed to the world in a very dignified and enlightening way.  The playwrite captures the period well by intertwining business, industry and politics and bringing the people that made Belfast to life.  There are many good messages for the present in particular showing the drive and determination that made Belfast great.  We now look forward to the ‘Requiem to the lost souls of Titanic’ as we remember and commemorate the tragedy with the world premier in our two great cathedrals at the week end.

Johnny Andrews

2 Responses for Better Boy

  1. Annika says:

    Excellent review for an excellent play!

  2. Johnny says:

    Just been to another Titanic based play’Blackness after midnight’ in Bangor drama club an excellent play by Irish playwrite Dennis MacNeice about the trial of Captain Lord of the Carpathian.Crisp cool acting by Sam McClure -good to see young talent encouraged.Good review http://www.culturenorthernireland.org

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