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Heritage and Tradition of Natural Fibres

Heritage products are the key to tradition and style-linen is our heritage and we want to advise the consumer on  the merits of linen and other natural fibres.  Please take the time to discuss and enjoy the topic of natural fibres.  The benefits of natural fibre totally outweighs man made synthetic fibres, there really is no comparison.

We can all re-live the style of pure linen whether in the dining room or the bed room.  Cashmere was also de rigeur following the discovery of the cashmere goat in the Himalayas at the peak of Empire.  Sadly consumers are unaware of the beauty and luxury of many natural fibres, linen is crisp and cool as the most absorbent fibre;  alpaca is light yet warm retaining its heat with special insulating properties due to the hollow fibre, cashmere is the finest of all fibres evolving due to the extreme cold endured by the goats and alpaca in England.  Sadly these industires have died out but Scottish cashmere still thrives.  Irish linen is very specialized now but one can still get irish linen handkerchiefs and tea towels while linen sheets are now mainly woven in Belgium.  Belgian linen can be bought on line in the UK with special 1300 thread count to match the old irish quality but with more contemporary packaging making it more affordble.  Delicious alpaca is now mostly imported from South America.

3 Responses for Heritage and Tradition of Natural Fibres

  1. T.N says:

    I can say that I am definitely aware of the luxury and comfort of your natural fibres, especially the linen! Very fashionable and light to wear in summer, love it!

  2. Johnny says:

    yes natural fibres allow your clothing to breathe,linen is light cool and crisp in fact wearing only linen you can feel almost naked.Alpaca feels soft and lustrous and cashmere warm and smooth -irresistable on and helps you relax when on your week end breaks

  3. Gerald says:

    Great post, really enjoyed it!
    — Gerald


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