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Why are linen tea towels best?

Irish linen tea towels are best for drying due to the super absorbent properties of the raw material flax fibre.  Crisp fresh Irish linen has a lustrous finish which ensures your glassware is left shining even sparkling. The classic Irish design is crisp and white and with the stripe down the middle adds style to your […]

Linen an eco friendly fibre

Linen has much less environmental cost than cotton.  For most relevant environmental indicators the environmental impact of a cotton shirt is up to 7 times greater than for a linen shirt. This is mainly due to the extra pesticide and fertilizer used in cotton production, in addition toxic chemicals such as defoliants are used for cultivating cotton […]

Titanic the Missing Link

New to our Titanic Collection and on sale for the new year Clatteringford is now selling the recently released DVD on the Pirrie family reunion that took place in Belfast to celebrate the centenary the the launch of Titanic. This long form documentary which was televised in April can now be seen in full without […]

Heritage and Tradition of Natural Fibres

Heritage products are the key to tradition and style-linen is our heritage and we want to advise the consumer on  the merits of linen and other natural fibres.  Please take the time to discuss and enjoy the topic of natural fibres.  The benefits of natural fibre totally outweighs man made synthetic fibres, there really is […]

Titanic – a celebration in Linen

Following the centenary of the launch of Titanic Clatteringford has commissioned the weaving of Titanic linen using original patterns designed for Titanic’s first voyage.  Relive the opulence and luxury of the Titanic era with our Titanic Home Collection including new Titanic design damask Irish linen napkins with matching tablecloths now available in 2 sizes 90″ […]

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