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We value your opinion

Please give us your feedback on our products, which do you like best? Have you bought something recently that you really love? Come and try our newest fabric blends in Cotton, Cashmere and Silk……

Added recently to our collection are the summer blends of Cotton and Cashmere, Cotton and Silk and more of the beautiful Casmere and Merino lightweights that everyone loves!  We are very pleased with the new styles and relish the luxurious soft feel against your skin.  If you have’nt tried these blends you are seriously missing out!

Most of the new styles are unisex and look equally as stunning on a man or woman.

We value your thoughts and opinions and would love to read your comments……

Ladies Sweaters and Cardigans

Mens Sweaters and Zip Cardigans

3 Responses for We value your opinion

  1. fudged says:

    The waterfall cardi is amazing and in such gorgeous colours,versatile,stylish and chic for all ages formal and infomal.

  2. Hossam says:

    Hi, I love the new winter 11 catalog, all the clothes are fabulous! I like that you have used the same model as Winter 10, as this adds to the sense of continuity and helps me to imagine how pieces from the two collections would mix and match together. Plus its nice to see a familar face like welcoming an old friend! Congrats on another fantastic collection, if I were rich I would order the lot! As it is, I have started saving up for my next Hush Haul. Best wishes Jacqueline x

  3. Johnny says:

    Thanks, our models are so natural and they love the range exuding comfort, confidence and the relaxed style. See the Summer products too, cashmere cotton blend tops for Summer and irish linen shirts in lovely new and striking colours

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