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Jubilee celebrations on Strangford Lough

I avoided all the Jubilee hype spent week end on a paradise island on Strangford Lough enjoying the extremes of weather. Sunday was blissfully storm bound with no gadgets and we escaped the virtual world for 24 hours.

Monday was beautiful sunny balmy day and we celebrated Tommie’s 16th birthday in usual Strangford style-swimming, fresh fish for lunch, mega tea and crumpets, huge chocolate brownie cake and  fake cream buns. The young then staged a coup took over the island after a roof top protest and vigil and and the adults were chased as they tucked into Strangford specialite de la region of chilli con carni and nargila (yes they are all 16 ). UDI was brief as the neighbours informed the authorities, order was restored as the adults returned and the St Patrick’s flag was raised again. We returned on Tuesday night to the virtual world of skype texts email, blogs, facebook and broadband and not forgetting to catch up on the best of the jubilee all in a one hour perfect  jubilee highlights special. It was amazing to see the pageant and the small vintage motor boat section. Dont forget the special jubilee three day offer at Clatteringford starts today in the shop and on the web.

Jubilee Bedlinen Offer


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  1. Johnny says:

    Linen sheets great value stock up before the hot summer only thing to sleep in for a good nights sleep-non allergenic and excellent for those with execema

  2. Johnny says:

    Jubillee bedlinen offer 10% AVAILABLE THIS WEEK END ONLY -ENDS MONDAY.BUY NOW flax prices set to rise as last years crop was not good and little stock of previous year now . With fitted double starting at £70 this is affordable summer luxury for a cool nights sleep.

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