What is pashmina fibre or garment?

Pashmina is the name of a very fine fibre similar to cashmere from the Himalayas.  It is also used as a generic term for a shawl or cape which may or may not be made from the fibre from which it derives its name. Readmore »

Why sleep in linen sheets?

Linen is crisp ,super cool to sleep in and it is hypoallergenic. It absorbs the perspiration we release at night that makes us wake up feeling hot. With linen sheets you will sleep more soundly with out waking and yes our customers tell us this. We lose one and half pints of perspiration every night. It is the most cooling of all bed linen.

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Linen beach towels by Clatteringford

Super absorbent natural eco friendly linen pile towels are great for summer holiday for the beach. Also excellent as sauna towels with useful hanging loop for the wet room, spa and changing room. Readmore »

Linen Sheets – crisp cool comfort with Clatteringford

Summer is here at last .Sleep well at nights in crisp cool linen sheets our affordable fitted sheets start at £76, it is the under sheet that is most important to keep cool in linen.  Our fitted sheets don’t even need ironed as you don’t see them and as an under sheet  they cling tightly to the mattress.   Readmore »

New linen towels for kitchen and bathroom

To our popular tea towel and glass cloth range we have introduced new green and black colours with cutlery design. Readmore »

Pure London UK womens fashion show promoting alpaca

Pure London, womens fashion trade show gives alpaca another international boost following the return of Alpaca Fiesta trade fair and Alpaca Moda a new fashion event in Arequipa, Peru which promoted and showcased some of the best designers and brands working with alpaca. Readmore »

New linen towels in contemporary stripe design

Newly sourced for Clatteringford exclusive linen towels in new contemporary stripe design – eco friendly, ultra absorbent, hypoallergenic and exfoliating, these linen pile towels are the best for drying and ideal stylish casual, relaxed look for the leisure centre and as a sauna towel. Prices start at £15 for guest towels, £29 for bath towel and £45 for bath sheets. Lovely useful and novel present when visiting friends.

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Mens polo, cashmere V necks, Linen jackets, ladies cable knit 50% off

See our newly released offers at 50% off including ladies horseshoe collar cashmere /wool cable knit, mens cashmere V neck sweaters,polo necks and linen jackets in lustrous fine Italian linen fabric. See our half price offers now.

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Spring coats popping with colour

Cindy spot coats in navy and green reduced to £55.99 in our 30-50% sale – chic light, shower proof and versatile with colourful flower design buttons easy to carry and perfect solution to the surprise spring shower. Readmore »

Wearing a warm woollen scarf prevents bugs and protects immune system

Daily Telegraph reports today on front page show that our immune system is stronger when we wrap up warm, scarves and woolly jumpers are essential to stop the winter colds and flu.  Keeping your nose warm is key as researchers from Yale university say the most frequent cause of the common cold, the rhinovirus, replicates more readily in the slightly cooler environment of the nasal cavity than in the warmer lungs. Readmore »

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