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Clatteringford for the best of Womens Irish Knit Sweaters

Clatteringford for the best of Womens Irish Knit Sweaters

Womens Irish Knit Sweaters

One of the most stylish, and comfortable, sweaters that you can buy today are womens Irish knit sweaters. But not every retail outlet carries these wonderful items -- so has a large selection for your consideration -

First of all, let's start with something traditional. Hand knit Aran Lumbar Jacket Cardigan. This wonderful womens Irish knit sweater is available in the traditional Bainin and Natural light grey colours. Each sweater is hand knit, each stitch meticulously crafted by a skilled knitter, in order to bring you a sweater unlike any other. Every Aran sweater is hand knit in the traditional way by today's Irish craftsmen and women. Each Aran garment is produced from natural yarns and tells a story of ancient Ireland, its culture, tradition and skill combined with a quality that you can see for yourself.

If you want something just as beautiful as the aran sweater and also from a unique source then try our womens Irish knit sweaters in wool. Here we have a wide range of pure wool sweaters using merino wool, lambs wool, Shetland wool and also Guernsey wool sweaters.

Womens Irish knit sweaters are also very stylish and soft when blended with merino wool. The type of wool that a sheep produces varies by breed. Merino sheep produce wool that is very fine. Merino wool is thus considered the most valuable of wools. In our fibre blend collection you will find quite a few womens Irish knit sweaters have been blended using merino wool and the luxurious soft fleece of the cashmere goat. Living in the extremely cold climate of the Himalayas the cashmere goat evolved with the warmest fleece in the world. This fibre blend produces a sweater unlike anything else to feel and wear next to your skin.

The base fibre of all our womens Irish knit sweaters is wool. This is an excellent insulator. It keeps heat close to the body by trapping still or dead air within the fibers. To a certain degree, wool is considered water repellent. Small amounts of liquid, such as spills, light rain or snow, will stay on the surface or run off the fabric. Wool fabrics also wick moisture away from the skin, keeping the wearer dryer when sweating and cooler when hot.