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Linen Care

The manufacturers label will almost certainly give wash and care instructions specific to your garment taking into consideration all the variables and info on any treatments that have already been applied. It is usual for linen fabric to become softer over a period of time with wear and washing and the characteristic creasing to become less evident.

Linen washes well because the linen fibre is stronger wet than it is dry which enables linen to be washed at a higher temperature, 60°C is usually quite sufficient to remove any stains as the smooth surface of the flax allows strains to be released easily. It is good to note that linen can soak up almost twice its weight in water so do not pack your washing machine to capacity if you require the best result.

Linen dries very quickly. Line drying in full sunlight is best to keep whites white or flat dry to prevent creasing. Using a hot iron is usual whilst the linen is still damp or use a spritz of water to re-dampen the fibre before ironing with a steam iron.

Linen is ideal for hot climates and for travelling. It conducts heat away from the skin and its absorbent qualities leave the wearer feeling cool and comfortable in humid weather. As it is a natural fibre it allows the skin to breath, this makes it very comfortable for long journeys. For protection in strong sun linen is ideal, a long sleeve shirt will help protect the skin from harmful UV rays. Its quick drying properties make it ideal for travel wear as it can be washed in cool water, dried and ready for wearing again very quickly.

Irish Linen Shirts & Blouses

Wash at 40°C, do not tumble dry, line dry, hot iron whilst damp.

Mens Shirts

Linen pile Towels/Robes

Machine wash separately, 60°C, line dry, do not bleach, tumble dry or iron.

Linen Towels, Mitts & Bathrobes


Machine wash separately at up to 60°C and line dry, do not bleach or tumble dry, hot iron whilst damp.

Pure Linen Bedlinen

Irish Linen Double Damask Tablecloths & Napkins

Machine wash - gentle action, 50/60°C, do not tumble dry - line dry, hot iron whilst damp, dry cleanable.

White linens without special finishes can be washed at higher temperatures eg up to 90°C if stained, but try to use a stain remover (not bleach) first. Do not wash with other dark coloured fabrics in case dye not fast, conventional machine wash and fast spin is recommended, iron while still damp. No need to starch. If you do not wish to iron try our easy care linens - and appreciate the slightly creased modern look!

Pure Linen Table Linens

Woollen Care

Wool garments do not soil easily and are not easily spotted by grease and oils. These characteristics decrease the need to clean wool garments after every use. Recommended care for most wool garments is dry cleaning or hand wash.

Shetland Woollen Sweaters

Handwash, do not bleach, warm iron, OK for dry cleaning.

Guernsey Woollen Sweaters

Handwash with soap flakes, do not bleach, spin dry with care and dry flat, OK for dry cleaning.

Handknit Aran Woollen Sweaters

Warm handwash, do not bleach, rinse thoroughly, warm iron, dry flat, dry cleanable with low moisture steam only.

Alpaca Woollen Sweaters

Hand wash cold water mild detergent, dry flat, cool iron.

Cashmere Woollen Sweaters

Cool hand wash with pure soap, rinse thoroughly in cool water. Squeeze by hand or spin dry - do not wring - dry flat in shape away from direct sunlight/heat, cool iron under damp cloth at wool setting.

Ladies Wool Sweaters and Cardigans