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Warm Wool Sweaters

Warm Wool Sweaters

Clatteringford has a range of warm wool sweaters for both men and woman made from the finest, softest materials including lambswool, merino wool, alpaca and cashmere fleece. Since wool is a natural fibre it allows the skin to breath so while your wool sweater will keep the cold out you will not become too warm. Also, the wool will feel gentle and luxurious on the skin, making for a truly comfortable sweater.

The natural properties of wool provide warmth and breathability as well as stretch and freedom of movement, making these ideal sweaters for many outdoor activities, including golfing, shooting, walking and general recreational pass times.

Clatteringford has a wonderful range of pure wool sweaters and also great styles in fibre blends. Merino wool is the finest wool of all and combines beautifully with cashmere for superior softness and warmth. Our fibre blends for women demonstrates this combination beautifully while our mens styles favour 100% pure wool or if you prefer the luxurious feel of soft, comfortable cashmere our ladies and gents sweaters are mostly knit using 4 ply yarn to ensure ultimate warmth and quality.

Cashmere comes from the fleece of Cashmere Goats. Most often found in the mountainous ranges of Asia, specifically in China and Mongolia, these goats produce fibers that are extremely insulating to protect them from cold mountain temperatures and in turn from this fleece comes the most fabulous warm wool sweaters.

Another extremely warm wool sweater and lightweight due to its hollowcore is alpaca. Alpaca is one of the finest and most luxurious fibers in the world its unique hollowcore gives it an insulating softness that is much warmer and stronger than wool. In addition, alpaca is hypoallergenic - often wearable for those people who are allergic to wool.