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Luxury Lives on in Vinolia Soap

Luxury Lives on in Vinolia Soap

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If you were a First Class passenger aboard the RMS Titanic you would have found luxuries in abundance throughout your cabin. One of them would have been bars of Vinolia Soap. At that time it was referred to as Cold Cream Bath Soap, but modern consumers will appreciate hearing a bit more about the soap's various properties and contents. It is actually one of the healthiest soaps on the market because it uses few chemical ingredients and sticks mostly to natural materials instead.

Vinolia Soap is actually both antiseptic and antibacterial thanks to the boracic creams used in the recipe. It also has demonstrated fungicidal and cleansing properties suitable for use by any kind of complexion. The "cold cream" properties will leave skin soft and silky, and yet even those with delicate or sensitive complexions can use it too. It is suitable for use on the face and the body, and is "hard-milled" to last a very long time.

In fact, Vinolia Soap can remain stable, in its original packaging, for up to three years' time according to the manufacturer. Currently, the bars are sold as they were originally made in 1912, and come wrapped tightly in luxury papers and packaged in a box crafted to the original designs. Holding a newly-made bar is like stepping back almost one hundred years in time, and into the luxurious world of the first class passenger aboard the ship. Taking in the clean and fresh scent, one can almost imagine the sounds of the whistles and the looks of the opulent surroundings.

Interestingly enough, those interested in Titanic history and collectibles should know that Vinolia Soap was the only product ever advertised in conjunction with its appearance aboard the ship. All other manufacturers of luxury products were awaiting the ship's arrival in New York to begin launching advertising campaigns touting their items that were used by the White Star Line aboard its luxury liners. This means that the only printed ads that show the Titanic along with a product are those offering up Vinolia Soap to the general public!

As the 100th anniversary of the launching of the Titanic approaches (31st May 2011) there is bound to be greater interest in every minute detail of life aboard the ship. This includes interest in the soaps offered to all of the First Class passengers. If you want to own a piece of history as well as enjoy using a top-notch soap, then you will definitely want to try a bar of Vinolia.