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Lambswool sweaters mens

Lambswool sweaters mens

Lambswool Sweaters Mens

Clatteringford has a range of jumpers and sweaters made from the finest, softest materials including lambswool, alpaca wool and cashmere fleece. Since wool is a natural fibre it allows the skin to breath so while your lambswool sweater will keep the cold out you will not become too warm. Also, the wool will feel gentle and luxurious on the skin, making for a truly comfortable sweater.

Clatteringford have zipped mens lambswool sweaters, mens round-neck lambswool sweaters, mens lambswool sweaters in v-neck styles and available in a tasteful range of colours. The natural properties of lambswool sweaters from Clatteringford provide warmth and breathability as well as stretch and freedom of movement, making them ideal sweaters for many outdoor activities, including golfing, shooting, walking and general recreational pass times.

Natural fibres like Lambswool and wool are both highly durable and environmentally friendly, but, Lambswool and wool cardigans and sweaters may however be negatively affected by some components in heavy-duty washing powders if incorrectly treated in laundering. This is not to say that Lambswool and wool is in any way weak or inferior, merely that as a natural material, like skin or hair, it can be harmed by aggressive agencies.

Washing powders intended for use with natural fibres (Lambswool, wool cashmere, etc) will avoid the inclusion of strong bleaching and biological agents and these are therefore to be preferred for the washing of your favourite Lambswool cardigans and sweaters.

Keep warm and dry whatever you choose to do with natural fibre clothing from Clatteringford.