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The Superiority of Irish Linen Tea Towels from Clatteringford

The Superiority of Irish Linen Tea Towels from Clatteringford

Irish Linen Tea Towels

Although many home goods shops and department stores sell dish or tea towels, few are designed to provide lint-free drying and to wear for a very long time. This is usually the reason that someone opts for Irish Linen Tea Towels for their home and kitchen needs. These represent a rare opportunity to acquire a household tool that doesn't cause any pollution and doesn't "break the bank" to purchase either. They also offer durability in a way that most other kitchen towels cannot.

Most are made from 100% pure Irish linen, and are manufactured in very eco-friendly ways. They will deliver lightning fast drying, and will remain super-absorbent throughout their many years of use. Interestingly enough, Irish Linen Tea Towels can be quite decorative as well as being extremely useful too. Consider that the most traditional design for linen glass cloths and Irish Linen Tea Towels are those using a brilliant band of color along the bottom. This means that they can be found in colors that coordinate with most kitchen décor and designs.

There are also themed Irish Linen Tea Towels such as those imprinted with special designs or images. Consider the Titanic Tea Towel that provides the user with the benefits of a linen towel and the appeal of an attractive image of the world's most famous luxury liner.

Can cotton and linen blends be as reliable as pure linen towels? Both varieties will last a very long time if cleaned and treated properly, the benefits of a pure linen towel include the extra absorbency provided by the fabric, the long life of the material, and its many possible uses.

Their extra absorbency is the reason that they make an ideal glass cloth because they can provide the kind of streak-free drying required in most modern households, but without a lot of extra effort.

Remember too that the use of fabric cloths which are made from pure linen is a highly environmentally-friendly choice. Not only will such cloths be made without a lot of negative environmental effects, but they also eliminate the need for things like paper towels or heavily bleached cotton cloths which cause all kinds of problems with the planet. As already mentioned, they can often be put to use outside of drying dishes too. For instance, many people use linen cloths to wrap teapots, keep bread or biscuits warm, and even as tool for removing hot plates and pans from the oven.

This means that linen towels are a frugal and savvy investment for almost anyone who works in the kitchen!