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Bog Standard Irish Scented Soap Set

Bog Standard Irish Scented Soap Set


 8.50 / $11.05

"Traditional goods from Ireland" by Bog Standard

Beautiful 50g guest soaps handwrapped in sets of 3 scents.
Gorgeous pale soap bursting with fresh fruity tones of apples and pears.
Lush pale blue soap, light and dreamy fragrance, like breezy Spring days at the beach.
Crisp, clean white soap scented with fresh lavender.
Lush pale green soap with gorgeous fresh cut grass scent.
Natural berry scent inspired by fruits of the hedgerows.
Beautiful pale pink soap with luxurious true rose scent.
Moss green soap with earthy natural fig scent.
Pale violet soap packed with fresh uplifting scent, full of meadow grasses and fragrant clover.
All soaps are scented, coloured, embossed with logo. The gentle vegetable base makes the soap suitable for all skin types.
Our luxurious triple milled soaps are inspired by the Irish life and landscapes

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