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Experience the luxury of Titanic

With Our Titanic Home Collection

With Our Titanic Home Collection

For the shipyard, the shipping line, and the workers who built her, the launch of practically any ship is a day of celebration. But when you are launching the finest liner in the world, and moving the heaviest object ever moved by man, then it must surely have been a very special day at Harland & Wolff's great Belfast shipyard on 31st May 1911.

Titanic was over 880ft long and 92 feet 6 inches (28 m) at the beam (6 inches longer than twin ship RMS Olympic). She had a Gross Register Tonnage of 46,328 tons, and a height from the water line to the boat deck of 60 feet (18 m). Titanic could carry a total of 3,547 passengers and crew and, because she carried mail, her name was given the prefix RMS (Royal Mail Steamer) as well as SS (Steam Ship).

For her time, Titanic was unsurpassed in luxury and opulence. She offered an onboard swimming pool, a gymnasium, a Turkish bath, libraries for each passenger class, and a squash court. First-class common rooms were adorned with elaborate wood panelling, expensive furniture and other elegant decorations. In addition, the Café Parisien offered superb cuisine for the first-class passengers with a delightful sunlit veranda fitted with trellis decorations. The belfast Linen industry worked flat out to supply the linen for Titanic.

The crown jewel of the ship's interior was undoubtedly her forward first class Grand Staircase, between the forward and second funnels. Extending down to E-Deck and decorated with oak paneling and gilded balustrades, it was topped by an ornate wrought-iron and glass dome which brought in natural light. On the uppermost landing was a large panel containing a clock flanked by the allegorical figures of Honour and Glory crowning Time.

You can experience the luxury of our Titanic Home collection and related products from the napkins designed for Titanic and pure linen sheets now more affordable through the scale of mass production.

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