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The Team

Clatteringford is led by Marketing Director Johnny Andrews who provides the ideas and inspiration with a family tradition steeped in the history of Irish Linen. Johnny has developed a passion for natural fibres; he says, "These fibres exude quality and luxury and allow us to connect with nature bringing natural comfort and confidence to what we wear. Wearing natural fibres allows us to feel fresh, natural and comfortable whether it is through the soft warmth of cashmere, lustrous silky feel of alpaca or the crisp cool freshness of linen."

Assisted by other family members the team includes Sharon Riddell who provides the design flair and innovative sourcing ideas to the team and Roberta Davison, who ensures no compromises are made on quality and delivery and that customer satisfaction is always given priority.

Clatteringford's design and sourcing team share a passion for the fibres whether from plant or fleece. Having developed its niche and developed a product range based on quality natural fibre products the Company is now pursuing new innovative ideas from further afield yet continuing to ensure more local control of design and origination.

Secrets of Quality and The Fibres