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Choosing an Irish Linen Tablecloth

Choosing an Irish Linen Tablecloth

Irish Linen Tablecloth

Why is it that so many brides ask for an Irish linen tablecloth as one of their wedding gifts? While most people already know about the startling beauty of a dazzlingly white Irish linen tablecloth, most don't understand the true value of one.

For one thing, a tablecloth made of this fabric will actually be incredibly durable. Pure linen is superior to blends of all kinds in many ways, and it is often a fabric that endures years and years of frequent use without showing any signs of traditional "wear and tear".

Additionally, a well-made Irish linen tablecloth is actually going to be an eco-friendly product too. This is because the toxic chemicals used in other fabric manufacturing processes do not come into the making of linen items. Instead, the owner of an Irish linen tablecloth will know that their possession was made with few, if any, negative effects on the environment.

The manufacturing techniques used in the weaving of linen cloths are also extremely valuable too. Consider that most will come as "Damask" types, with heavily decorative patterns worked into the borders of the cloths as well. This is what makes a "plain" white linen cloth so luxurious in appearance. For instance, a double band of satin-like weaving might outline the exterior and interior borders of the cloth and give the table an extremely "finished" look even before it is set with chargers, candle sticks, and place settings. Alternately, a more elaborate scroll pattern can be worked around the borders and centers of the cloths to give an even more formal look to it as well.

Because linen tablecloths are such a common or popular request, the better manufacturers will also offer matching or coordinating napkins made in the same patterns and designs too. While these are standard sizes (usually around 22" square), the tablecloths will always come in a nice range of sizes to meet the needs of as many people as possible.

Generally, linen tablecloths can be found in standard widths of 54" and 72", and lengths ranging from 90" up to 144" as well. Naturally, this means that they also come in a range of prices too.

If giving someone a pure linen tablecloth as a gift, it is often nice to know that the finer manufacturers will often provide a presentation box that will become a suitable storage box for the cloth too. This demonstrates the overall value of these cloths and why so many of them become family heirlooms over the years.