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Choosing the Right Irish Linen Napkins

Choosing the Right Irish Linen Napkins

Irish Linen Napkins

If you know someone who is about to be married, or who is about to move into their first home, you might want to present them with Irish linen napkins as a gift. This is because they are remarkably beautiful items that also come with an incredibly long lifespan and other additional values

For one thing, Irish linen napkins are made from one of the most durable fabrics available. Pure linen is always going to be a much better option than any of the "blends" on the market, and will survive through years and years of heavy use and laundering without showing any signs of traditional wear and tear.

Additionally, well-made Irish linen napkins are going to be eco-friendly products too. This is because the standard chemicals used in other fabric manufacturing processes will never be introduced into the making of high-quality linens. Instead, the receiver of Irish linen napkins will be able to enjoy knowing that their set was made without any negative effects on the environment.

The manufacturing techniques used in the weaving of linen napkins are also extremely important as well. Most will use a Damask technique that creates heavily decorative patterns in the borders of the napkins as well. This is how plain white linens can become so luxurious in their overall appearance.

For instance, a fine scroll of weaving or a satin-like band framing the border of the napkin can give it a finished look that a plain "rolled hem" cannot. Additionally, such finishing techniques can allow a decorative table theme to be created quite easily too.

Because pure linen napkins are such a common or popular gift, the finest manufacturers will usually make them to coordinate with their most popular linen tablecloths too. The tablecloths tend to come in a range of sizes intended to accommodate the wide variety of dining room sets in the world, and will be available in standard widths of 54" and 72", and lengths ranging from 90" up to 144" as well. Naturally, this means that they also come in a range of prices too. The napkins, on the other hand, are generally available in a single size - usually around 22" square. They do, however, tend to also come in a range of purchasing options as well. For instance, the buyer might purchase a plain box of four napkins, or they could just as easily buy the same design in a gift package of six when necessary.

Giving someone a gift of pure linen napkins is an excellent way to present them with a potential family heirloom that can be used and enjoyed for many years to come.