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Alpaca sweaters alpaca clothing

Alpaca sweaters alpaca clothing

Mens Alpaca Sweaters

All alpaca sweaters, alpaca clothing from Clatteringford is made from 100% pure alpaca wool. This warm yet lightweight Alpaca fibre has been long recognised as one of the finest fibres in the world with special insulating properties. It is much stronger and more resilient than sheep wool offering more thermal capacity, which creates alpaca clothing with featherweight warmth.

Alpaca fibre is hollow giving these sweaters a special light and soft feel with special insulating properties. The alpaca sweater has a smooth surface, which eliminates the prickly effect associated with other fibres such as sheep/lambs wool giving it the smooth lustrous feel that is alpaca clothing. A resin also protects the alpaca's wool from dirt, water and staining, this is a very helpful factor when it comes to the regularity of washing your alpaca sweater.

Alpaca sweaters are very versatile and can be worn for many an occasion. Ideal everyday clothing or equally as smart for golfing. Available in a range of styles and stunning colours, all taking full advantage of that luxurious softness, sumptuous feel and superb warmth that is distinctively Alpaca clothing. Your Alpaca sweater will compliment almost any item you choose to match it with. Spoil yourself today with one of these wonderfully soft luxurious Alpaca cardigans or alpaca sweaters. Alpaca clothing you won't regret!

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